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Q: Can I share my in-app purchase with my family?

Yes, you can. All the in-app purchases of our apps can be shared through Family Sharing.

To setup Family Sharing, please visit Family Sharing for details.

Q: Can this app back up photos in the background?

Most third-party apps, including backup apps, are restricted from running in the background on iOS. Please refer to Do iOS apps run in the background for more information.

The “Automatic Backup” feature of this app can support backup in the background. However, it has limited time to do so. Please back up all photos in the foreground first. It is unlikely that backing up all photos in the background will work.

For more information, please visit: Automatic Backup

Q: My photos are in the iCloud, will they be backed up at full size?

Yes, the files backed up to your server with our apps always have the full size data.

If your photos are in the iCloud (via iCloud Photos Library), our apps will download them and then back them up to your server. 

Q: What is the difference between Photo Backup Expert, for Synology and for QNAP editions?

Photo Backup Expert can back up your photos to any NAS, macOS and Windows via SMB network. It works only on local network and can not back up over the internet.

Photo Backup for Synology works for Synology NAS only, and can back up over the internet with a proper configuration.

Photo Backup for QNAP works for QNAP NAS only, and can back up over the internet with a proper configuration.

Q: How do I back up photos over the internet?

For backup over the internet, your NAS must be directly connected to the internet. It should have an IP or domain name that is accessible over the internet. You may need to consult your NAS service support for details on configuring the connection.

Photo Backup Expert can not back up over the internet.